May 2017 Jobs Report

The May 2017 Jobs Report brings news of an additional of 138,000 jobs to the US economy. The unemployment rate dropped to 4.3%, the lowest since May 2001. Continued employment growth is good news for the job market and an indicator of continued support for our current long-winded bull market.

Source: Department of Labor

The monthly average of non-farm jobs added over the past 12 months has been approx. 181K. I’m not too concerned about this month’s below average number because the monthly jobs number is highly variable. However I do want to note this is the third lowest reported number over the past 12 months and the monthly trend, as variable as it is, appears to have slight downward slope.

US Non-farm patrolls
Source: US Department of Labor

I’ll keep monitoring the job reports for trends to support what’s happening The Market.

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