Hello and welcome (back) to the retooled PaperChase365.com. I relaunched this blog in May 2017 to focus exclusively on finance and investing, I felt the prior focus was a bit to broad covering everything including politics, social justice, education, entrepreneurship, etc. I hope you will find the content more engaging and useful with this new streamlined approach.

Who Am I?

I’m just a guy who loves number crunching, analysis and getting money. That said, I have no degrees in Accounting or Finance, I don’t have a MBA and nor am I Certified Financial Planner. I’ve never worked at a bank or financial firm of any kind. I have an educational background in engineering which may help explain why I’m good with numbers.


Be sure to do your own research and/or consult with your financial adviser. You are responsible for all your own investment decisions.


Did I misspell something? Is my math incorrect? Or maybe you just want to give me a shout out? Contact me at: paperchase365 -dot-com